Friday – School Closure

SNOW UPDATE: I’m so sorry to do this but I’m making the decision now to close school tomorrow. This is based on forecast, lack of staff and Police Scotland advice. I hope making the decision now will help you all to sort out child care etc. Park Primary is the exact same so please do share please. 
I deeply apologise for inconvenience caused
Kind regards
Mr Hayes-MacLeod

School Closure

SNOW UPDATE: SCHOOL AND NURSERY CLOSED TODAY: Due to the conditions around school and forecast, South Lodge is remaining CLOSED today. Park Primary is also CLOSED today

Invergordon Academy and Newmore Primary are now also closed.

We apologise for the inconvenience but enjoy your day playing in the snow or just hiding indoors 🙂

School Closure Update

SNOW UPDATE: Right – it’s looking extremely likely that we will be closing tomorrow too due to the forecast, advice from Police Scotland etc. Please though check the adverse weather line tomorrow for updates as I intend to get up early to update. I would also appreciate pics of what it looks like in Invergordon as early as possible (and late tonight if possible too) – please post on our Facebook page.

Many thanks everybody for your cooperation and understanding.
Kind regards
Mr Hayes-MacLeod

School Closure!

We have taken the decision to close the school at 12.30 today (Wednesday 28th Feb) due to the weather forecast. Please spread the word to as many parents that you can. Primary 1, 2 and 3 must be collected or let us know the arrangements for your child.

World Book Day

world book day

As you may be aware it is World Book Day on Thursday 1st March. Here at South Lodge, we have decided to hold our World Book Day on Friday 2nd March as we feel Friday is a better day and also gives you a full week to get involved. Due to the huge success of Mrs Macaskill and P4 doing an “Extreme Reading” idea last year, we have decided to adopt this for the whole school theme this year. We are therefore asking for you to take pictures of your child/ren reading in the most bizarre or interesting places. Last year we had children on bungee ropes reading a book, or sitting in the wash basket!! One child was even sitting on his mantelpiece like an ornament! The crazier or more imaginative the better! Then, if possible, we would like you to email them to your class teacher and they will provide you in due course with their email address. If you cannot email please just pop in and we will find a way to get it from your phone/camera etc.


We have also made the decision not to dress up on this day. World Book Day should be about books and the enjoyment of books and stories and not about dressing up which I feel detracts from the actual day and what it stands for. The children will definitely enjoy this day by sharing the photos of their extreme reading plus all the other interesting and fun activities that the staff will plan for the children to do during the day. I also hope to see many photos of parents taking part in “extreme reading!!”


Many thanks for your cooperation and involvement in this special day.