A Proud Day for South Lodge

I am very excited to announce that South Lodge today was presented with a plaque from the CEO of Success for All UK. This is a brand new literacy scheme being introduced to South Lodge and we are the charities “flagship” school for Scotland. We are the only school in Scotland delivering this programme and we are the only 1 of 3 schools in the whole of UK to be granted “flagship” status. I hope you are as excited as all of us here at South Lodge for this very exciting chapter for the school and the children. 

Its a brand new literacy scheme where for an hour and a half each day the children are taught through this scheme. The children are exposed to “real” books i,.e novels, poetry, playscripts, non fiction texts etc in a real structured and proper way. Its a scheme where reading is taught really well rather than just hearing reading groups.

We are so looking forward to seeing this new scheme in action.