Scottish Author Visit

We are very fortunate indeed to have yet another Scottish author come and visit us here at South Lodge. This time, we have Children’s author Barbara Henderson who will be here on Friday 24th January to talk about her work as an author and her smuggling novella Black Water.

Barbara is the author of three children’s novels and a children’s novella:

  • Highland Clearances novel Fir for Luck, based on real events in Sutherland
  • Victorian boy-on-the-run tale Punch, based on real events in 1889 and set against a lively backdrop of travelling entertainers
  • Wilderness Wars, a contemporary eco-thriller for children asking: ‘What if Nature fights back?’
  • Robert-Burns-inspired Black Water, a smuggling novella based on real events and featuring the poet.

If desired, children will be able to buy a book of their choice for £6.00 (RRP £6.99), and have it personally signed by the author on the day of the visit.

If you would like to purchase a book, could you please indicate which book you would like, quantity etc. and return the slip on the letter going home today by Thursday 23rd January so that we can let Barbara know how many copies of each book to take with her. Then on Friday, send in the correct money in a labelled envelope for your child to purchase the books.

For more information:

Find out more about Barbara at

The books are published by Cranachan,

Book Trailer for Fir for Luck: .

Book trailer for Punch

Book trailer for Wilderness Wars:

Book trailer for Black Water:

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