Easter Egg Design Competition

We are holding our annual Easter Egg Design Competition on Wednesday 3rd April. We are looking forward to seeing this year’s fabulous creations! Please do not bring them into school until Wednesday morning, as we have nowhere to store them safely.

Here is a reminder of last year’ winning entries to help your creative thinking.

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Enrichment Day

We had our very first Enrichment Day yesterday, and what a fantastic day it was. Enrichment Days provide pupils with an opportunity to engage in a range of activities that do not easily fit into their regular timetable. They also allow children to broaden and enrich skills that they might never have the chance to experience before.

The children spent the afternoon participating in an activity of their choosing, and everyone came away feeling great, including staff and parent helpers. The children participated in art, golf, cycling, dance, hair and beauty, animation, sewing, baking, board games and manga art, most of which the children had had no experience with before.

We would like to thank everyone who gave up their time to come in and offer their expertise, it was very much appreciated. We are already looking forward to planning next term’s Enrichment Day!

Here are a few photos of our fun-filled Enrichment Day, with more to follow.

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